The focus is on studies in the creative arts only.
  • Arts teachers education
  • Art management and administration courses
  • First degree in visual arts, performing arts and literature
  • Post graduate degrees in arts administration and/or arts management
  • Professional specialized courses technical arts related fields such as light techniques, acoustics engineering, stage production, music production, photography and new media arts technology.
Career Development
'Establishing arts as a viable career option and industry’, by:
  • supporting creativity and innovation through bursaries and awards
  • supporting arts education and training
  • Encouraging professional development in the arts
  • Promoting creative industries and developing a database
  • Providing information on career options and paths
  • Providing incentives for artists

Participation in the arts

‘Creating opportunities for widespread participation in the arts’, by:
  • building capacity of individuals and organisations
  • supporting research
  • raising awareness
  • promoting and supporting the development of arts skills
  • encouraging and assisting local authorities to promote the arts at community level
  • supporting existing programmes and initiate new ones

Management and Leadership

‘Building capacity in arts management and leadership’, by:
  • facilitate training in arts administration and management
  • develop guidelines for project management
  • promote networking and co-operation
  • support and build capacity of organisations and institutions

Audience Development

‘Taking arts to the people and bringing people to the arts’, by:
  • encouraging the use of local venues and open spaces
  • Supporting or initiating festivals
  • Forging partnerships
  • Supporting outreach programmes
  • Initiating programmes that encourage arts appreciation


‘Leading advocacy for the arts’, by:
  • promoting Namibian arts nationally and internationally
  • promoting access to the arts
  • Playing an active role in policy development and debates
  • Working with Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture on implementation of arts education at all levels
  • Communicating and consulting with stakeholders
  • Encouraging and facilitating co-operation among arts and institutions/organisations
  • Convening conferences to discuss arts development and programmes

Status of the arts and artists

‘Improving the status of arts and artists in Namibia’, by:   
  • improving the presentation of traditional art forms
  • strengthening and building on indigenous knowledge and skills
  • exploiting commercial opportunities for artists
  • ensuring that the intellectual property of artists is preserved
  • Researching and documenting Namibian art forms
  • promoting environmentally sound arts practices
  • encouraging and supporting new forms of artistic expression
Please download and complete below Bursary Application Form. No online applications will be accepted or printed out. Therefore, ensure that you deliver your application via courier services/post or hand-deliver.

Bursary Application Form
The first pillar of our service standards is accountability. An integral part of accountability is transparency and for this reason, the NACN publishes every year a detailed list of bursary recipients.

NACN Bursary Recipients 2022/2023 (100kB)
NACN Bursary Recipients 2017/2018 (100kB)
NACN Bursary Recipients 2016/2017 (100kB)