• Studio arts training e.g. painting, printmaking, sculpting, creative arts, etc.
  • Participation and/or hosting of art shows e.g. fashion shows, exhibitions, etc.
  • Workshops and training
  • Individual artistic development initiatives such as participation in national art events, festivals, workshops and exhibitions.

Theatre, dance or music with a view to develop the live performing culture in Namibia.
  • Shows or events such as plays, dance and music performances;
  • Workshops and training in areas such as choreography, acting, dancing, directing, stage set up;
  • Marketing of information of productions and shows;
  • Individual artistic development initiatives, such as participation in national events, such as shows, expos, festivals and workshops.

  • Basic business training workshops
  • Skills transfer and sharing training workshops
  • Product development, marketing and sales training
  • Product development initiatives, such as participation in national events, e.g. shows, expos, festivals, workshops and exhibitions.

Improving skills and knowledge of the science of acoustics, electronics, sound, light and stage engineering.
  • Training and workshops in light and sound engineering, computer graphics, stage management, graphic design
  • Individual artistic development initiatives, such as participation in national events, e.g. training, workshops and conventions.

The focus is on creative and literary writing.
  • Review of manuscripts and drafts in terms of publishing requirements
  • Training workshops writing in areas such as biographies, scripts, poetry, and creative writing
  • Book release and launch events
  • Information, marketing and distribution initiatives such as talking, reading and presentation sessions
  • Individual artistic development initiatives, such as participation in national events, e.g. book fairs, conferences, training, workshops and conventions.
Arts Grants are offered to Namibian individuals, groups or Namibian-based art organisations, for both contemporary and traditional art forms and are available to:
  • Visual artists
  • Designers
  • Crafters
  • Performers such as actors, dancers, musicians, choreographers, scriptwriters and composers
  • Writers
  • Arts organisations
  • Arts training and workshop presenters
  • Arts promoters
  • A group of people, where one person takes the lead and responsibility for managing the application and grant, if awarded.
Individuals and Small Groups:
  • Namibian citizenship
  • Artistic ability
  • Proof of work (portfolio with profile)
  • Potential to be exemplary in the community
  • Motivation and desire to build a career in the arts
  • Registration with the National Arts Council of Namibia

Art Organisations:

  • Should be based in Namibia
  • Should be formally registered
  • Proven track record of involvement in local art activities
  • Recommendations, minimum of one
  • Registration with the National Arts Council of Namibia
  • Fill in the relevant NACN application form – sign and date the form
  • Submit a project proposal and detailed projected budget
  • Provide Curriculum Vitae with clear contact details
  • Provide proof of Namibian citizenship or Namibian registration of organization
  • Provide contact details, including phone number and email address
  • Submit recommendation letter(s) - minimum of one
  • Show proof of work – Include all relevant documents
  • Have proof of a bank account such as a cheque of account number
  • Register with the National Arts Council of Namibia, for those in the regions, this can be done through the Regional Ministry of Education, Department of Life Long Learning Offices, and the NACN website.
  • All applicants will receive a note of receipt within 10 days
  • Those that do not meet criteria will not be assessed
  • Selected committees composed of professionals will assess and recommend to council
  • Recommendations will be assessed  by council
  • Letters with outcomes will be sent to all applicants
  • All applicants will receive details on how a grant decision was made
  • Successful applicant letters will stipulate terms and conditions associated with the grant
NOTE: Until further notice the NACN will not accept new grant applications.

Please download and complete below Grant Application Form. No online applications will be accepted or printed out. Therefore, ensure that you deliver your application via courier services/post or hand-deliver.
The first pillar of our service standards is accountability. An integral part of accountablity is transparency and for this reason the NACN publishes every year a detailed list of grant recipients and even those who were unfortunately not successful in that specific cycle - this is to continue building on a database.

NACN Grant Recipients 2018 (105kB)
NACN Grant Recipients 2016/2017 (59kB)