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Hi I am new on this page am enquiring on the artist payment
# Hi I am new on this page am enquiring on the artist payment
Nali music entertainment:henties bay Namibia
:roll: :roll: :P :eek:
2020-06-23 15:23 Reply | Report Abuse
Lahiah musimani
# Lahiah musimani
Collage of arts ,Katutura
firstly i would love to say thank you Arts council for your support everything ....i just want to find out when is the bursary will be out ?
2019-07-25 15:41 Reply | Report Abuse
Emiliano Josef
# Emiliano Josef
COTA student
Since I got the NACN privilege bursary I experience no difficulties with my studies. Thumbs up to NACN.
2018-10-30 11:07 Reply | Report Abuse
Sebedeus Nghiwilepo
# Sebedeus Nghiwilepo
COTA student in Visual Arts
I feel privilege to have someone who is helping me out with my studies and I'm still looking forward to further my studies.
2018-10-30 11:06 Reply | Report Abuse
Sakaria Kolokosheni
# Sakaria Kolokosheni
BA student, UNAM
I feel very happy as I didn't have an income. I can now pay for my studies to support my family. It's a good support system by government. No one has stood up to continue the help that NACN has provided. At 45 years I'm very proud and an example for my children for continued learning.
2018-10-29 04:37 Reply | Report Abuse
Patrick Mwashindange
# Patrick Mwashindange
BA student, UNAM
NACN has taken away all my financial stresses by allowing me to concentrate on my studies and make sure that i pass, doing away with all my financial problems. I feel very grateful.
2018-10-29 03:51 Reply | Report Abuse
Zenlia Philander
# Zenlia Philander
BA student, Thompson Rivers University, Canada
I feel very privileged and happy to be sponsored by the National Arts Council of Namibia and I am very grateful for the opportunity.
2018-10-28 18:44 Reply | Report Abuse

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